Men’s Footwear Trends – From Mallet Footwear to Military Boots

As the weather gets colder, you may notice that you need to replace your winter footwear with something new. There are lots of stylish winter footwear options for men, from military boots to athletic trainers, but it is important to find a style that you truly love. If you need new shoes, we’ve got some suggestions. Here are some of the most popular men’s footwear trends for winter. Mallet Footwear Mallet footwear is one of the most popular men’s footwear options right now. This is due to the crisp, clean... Read More

Tips for Buying On-Trend Designer Menswear

Some looks may be timeless, but every season sees new trends. As the end of 2017 approaches, some new menswear trends have emerged that we love. If you want to buy designer menswear this season, here are three classic looks that are on trend right now. Fake Shearling Shearling has always been a popular menswear option, but the real deal can be fairly expensive. Many people also question the ethics behind shearling, so now fake shearling is just as (if not more) popular than actual shearling. If you want to... Read More

How Cheap Designer Clothes Are Affecting Big Brands

World-famous designer brands such as Gucci and Versace once dominated the fashion scene, but now it appears that the trends are changing. Once high-end fashion designers only sold expensive clothes, as they wanted their brand to be focused on fashion, but now many of these brands are actually struggling to sell the clothes they made – so instead they are starting to sell a whole range of other products, including dog bowls, tennis rackets and even a designer boomerang! The Death of Expensive Designer Clothes In the past many people... Read More

New Shopping Movement Makes Lacoste Sweatshirt More Accessible

A new shopping movement is encouraging people in West Hollywood to buy from independent boutiques rather than high street stores. The movement, which is called “Shop Small”, was launched in Hollywood the day after Thanksgiving to give people the chance to see more clothes from independent designers. The movement was arranged by the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and it includes lots of inspiring designers, including Cheryl Saban Designs, LASC and even world-famous designers Lacoste. Connecting Great Designers with the Public in West Hollywood The event, which is currently under... Read More

4 Designer Menswear Items Every Man Should Own

Lots of men favour high street clothes over designer clothes due to the cost, but a few designer pieces can significantly improve every man’s wardrobe. If you frequently find that you are underwhelmed by your own outfits, it could mean that your wardrobe needs an update. From a good-quality pair of shoes to a nice white shirt, here are four designer menswear items that every man should own. White Dress Shirt A white dress shirt is a staple designer menswear item in most men’s wardrobes. A good white shirt can... Read More

How to Find Cheap Designer Clothes

Have you ever commented on a friend or a stranger’s beautiful designer outfit, only to find out that it cost much less than you thought? If you’re tired of buying poorly made high street clothes, don’t worry. There are lots of ways to buy cheap designer clothes – you just need to know where to look. Thankfully, you don’t need to work that out yourself, as we have compiled an essential guide to finding cheap designer clothes, no matter where you live. Check Out Factory Outlets Most cities and towns... Read More

Benefits of Adding a Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo to Your Wardrobe

Anyone who is interested in the history behind the world-famous brand Lacoste will understand that the Lacoste polo shirts are truly iconic. The polo shirts have found their way into the wardrobes of stylish sports stars, famous fashionistas and millions of men and women across the globe, and the crocodile logo is instantly recognisable. If you are thinking about investing in a classic Lacoste long sleeve polo, here are three reasons to do so. You Know That the Item Will Be Very Well Made A Lacoste long sleeve polo is... Read More

Tips for Buying Designer Menswear in 2018

The New Year is officially here, and this means that there are lots of new trends that are starting to emerge. If you are a man who likes to stay on top of the style game, you may be starting to wonder what you can expect from the next year – especially if you are planning a shopping trip in the next few weeks. If you can relate, you’re in the right place. We have checked out some of the biggest trends that will appear in 2018 so you can... Read More

Tips for Buying Cheap Designer Clothes During the Sales

Every season a new wave of stock hits the stores, which means that they will have a big sale to make room. This applies to designer stores as well as high street stores, but it can be more difficult to shop a designer sale – especially if you want to buy something that will still be valuable in a few months. Here are three tips to help you buy high-quality cheap designer clothes during the sales. How to Buy Quality Cheap Designer Clothes Invest in a Suit Suits tend to... Read More

The History Behind the Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo

Lacoste is one of the world’s most famous fashion brands. The tiny crocodile logo is known well by tens of millions of people, and the brand’s signature style has inspired hundreds of copycat brands. Of course, none of these brands has ever managed to match up to the genius of Lacoste – and it is possible that this is partially due to the brand’s iconic polo shirt. The polo shirt has been around for a long time, and today most people think of a short-sleeved top when they hear the... Read More