Wearing Lacoste Polo Shirts – Top Tips

Smart Lacoste polo shirts are the perfect way to stay cool and smart. Wear them with a summer suit for the office. If you are feeling really brave (and your workplace allows), why not opt for a more modern style by adding some smart white trainers to the look? Smart-Casual Just what the polo shirt was designed for – smart-casual. There are so many ways to make the smart-casual look work with Lacoste polo shirts that you really cannot go wrong. If you want to add a little quirk, however,... Read More

Choosing Your Cheap Designer Clothes This Season

Take a look at the list below of the top six trends heading your way. Look out for cheap designer clothes this season. 1. Stone This colour proved popular right across the board on the runway this season. This is good news, as stone is perfect for that casual weekend suit and will serve to warm up even the palest of skin tones. 2. Technical Outerwear Hiking gear was very much on trend in the spring-summer collections, even with the top labels. Nearly every brand brought out a lightweight anorak... Read More

Wearing Designer T Shirts in Spring

As we move into February, the promise of spring is just around the corner. It won’t be long before the days get brighter and the chill begins to leave the air. Check out the tips below for wearing designer t shirts during the colder months. Layers are a great way to stay warm and incorporate your favourite wardrobe items into your look. One of the most effective ways a summer t shirt can be worn in winter or spring is to wear it over a long-sleeved top. Select a plain... Read More

Lacoste Polo Shirts – A Fashion Staple

More recently, celebrities such as Alex Turner and Jay Z, to name but a few, have favoured the polo. The polo shirt is endlessly versatile, working as a fashion staple for everything from formal occasions to Sunday strolls. Whichever way you look at it, a polo shirt will stand you in good stead. The Polo Shirt – A History In 1875, polo players in India are seeking a less restricting and breathable alternative to their long-sleeved shirts, which are rigid and difficult to move around in. What came about was... Read More

The Lacoste Tracksuit: is it back on trend?

Once the uniform of the ‘chav’, tracksuit bottoms were not considered acceptable to wear in public – strictly for the gym only, and even wearing them to the local shop was a definite no-no. But times have certainly changed. The skinny jeans, chinos or suit trousers were once seen as the most appropriate attire, but now joggers previously banished as loungewear only have suddenly been seen gracing the legs of even the most stylish of people. Celebrities wear them, your friends wear them, and now even you wear them. A... Read More

Why Pay Full Price for a Lacoste Sweatshirt When You Can Get Real Deals?

The name ‘Lacoste’ is synonymous with quality and style in the world of sportswear and so few people ever dispute the price of any article of clothing designed and manufactured by this world renowned brand with its iconic crocodile logo. However, when it comes to snatching up the latest styles, why not pay less for each so that you can end up with more in the end? Here are a few tips on how to get an authentic Lacoste sweatshirt at a really great discount. Shop Our Site for Everyday... Read More

The Real Benefits of Adding Lacoste Polo Shirts to Your Wardrobe

Anyone who knows the real history behind the brand understands that of all sportswear, Lacoste polo shirts have earned a place in the wardrobe of any man, sports aficionado or not. Perhaps it’s that iconic crocodile logo on every authentic Lacoste garment or perhaps it’s the fact that the brand was invented by a true tennis professional. But, the one quality that can never be denied is that you can always tell an authentic Lacoste. A Very Long History of Quality Craftsmanship When planning your wardrobe, of course you want... Read More

Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo – A Perfect Fit for Casual Days at the Office

Through the years, fashions for professionals have undergone a significant number of changes as trends reflect what is happening in society. Even so, the truly professional gentleman always dresses the part, typically with a suit and tie. Then there are those days at the office we’ve come to call ‘casual days’ when styles range from street wear to athletic wear and anything in between. For these days, a Lacoste long sleeve polo is a perfect fit. You Can’t Deny Quality Although you are not really required to dress for success... Read More


Trackside Trends: Gain Street Style Kudos in a Lacoste Tracksuit

The biggest trend to hit the high street at the moment is athleisure and the good news is that with this trend it’s easy to look stylish without breaking the bank. Sportswear has now become fully integrated into high street fashion which means the options for incorporating athleisure into your wardrobe are endless. The great thing about the burgeoning popularity of sportswear as leisure wear is that you no longer should be sporty to wear it and its super comfy. Your pet dog could be getting more exercise than you... Read More


How a Lacoste Polo Shirt Can Suit (Almost) Any Occasion

Polo shirts are a wardrobe classic and the go-to attire for men across the world. It’s probably fair to say that a Lacoste polo shirt will have your back for almost every occasion in life thanks to its incredible versatility and the range of choices available. Whether you’ve got a hot date at the weekend or you’re just off out for drinks with your mates, a polo shirt can be formal or informal; it’s all about how you style it. Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve A long sleeve polo shirt... Read More