Choosing Cheap Men’s Designer Clothes – The Shirt

While styles and designs vary, men’s shirts have remained a constant since their conception way back at the start of the twentieth century. Choosing the right shirt for you will make a huge difference to your outfit, whether you are off to work or have been invited to a formal event. If you are looking to buy cheap men’s designer clothes, and in particular a shirt, check out the collar and cuff guide below. Collar The collar on a shirt can make or break a look, given that it is... Read More

Designer Menswear This Summer

Staying on trend with designer menswear is easy if you stick to this guide for summer 2017. Refresh your wardrobe with confidence and style by adding some of the key pieces below! Camouflage Camouflage has been around a while and looks set to stay. Updated for the season, the green military look is nicely on style. From shorts to shirts and jackets, there is plenty to choose from. Don’t go all out ‘camo’, though. Stick with one or two signature pieces. Lightweight Jackets With the British weather the way it... Read More

Five Cheap Designer Clothes Wardrobe Essentials For Men

What are the five wardrobe basics you cannot do without? 1. Jacket The jacket provides the foundation to all simple wardrobes. The style, fit and design of the jacket you choose will depend upon the type of events you attend. You might need more than one to cover all eventualities. However, the investment is well worth it, as a jacket is key to finishing off an outfit. 2. Suit This is probably the biggest piece in the wardrobe in terms of financial investment. There are so many different designs and... Read More

Choosing Designer T Shirts to Suit Body Shape

Fit Good style relies heavily on achieving the perfect fit. This is the case regardless of the type of garment you are wearing. Designer t shirts are no exception. Size Designer t shirts should not be too tight. However, nor should they be too baggy. No one looks good as a stuffed sausage. Conversely, however, too loose can have the opposite effect to that usually intended and can make those with a little extra weight look larger than they actually are. As a general rule, those in good shape can... Read More

Guide To Men’s Lacoste Sweatshirt

There are typically three types of sweatshirt for men. Each offers different benefits. Pullover As one would imagine, the pullover sweatshirt is pulled on over the head. Manufacturers of the Lacoste sweatshirt and other brands will use typically a cotton-polyester blend or heavy thick cotton to construct this garment. Highly functional, pullover sweatshirts can be worn for athletic events but are also stylish in their own right. The pullover is the perfect way to layer up for outdoor activities or to wear on a sunny evening, when the air cools.... Read More

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Designer Clothes?

Many people refuse to wear anything other than designer garments and swear by their benefits, of which there are plenty. Of course, wearing designer outfits is considered a status symbol. But there is actually a lot more to it than that. Designer clothes are unique enough that they can help you, as the wearer, to make a statement and show off your original flair and individuality. Want attention? Find the right designer gear and you can have it. Wearing designer items helps individuals stand out from the crowd and showcase... Read More

Men’s Designer T Shirts – A Guide

Very few people don’t own a t-shirt. Designer t-shirts are great for almost any occasion – under a suit, with a pair of shorts or as bed wear. T-shirts come in a huge range of different colours, styles and designs, and most of us own a variety of these, from designer versions to supermarket basics. Fit How you wear your designer t shirts says quite a lot about you. Big and baggy with a tent-like appearance tells the world you have given up, while too tight with a protruding stomach... Read More

Wearing Lacoste Polo Shirts – Top Tips

Smart Lacoste polo shirts are the perfect way to stay cool and smart. Wear them with a summer suit for the office. If you are feeling really brave (and your workplace allows), why not opt for a more modern style by adding some smart white trainers to the look? Smart-Casual Just what the polo shirt was designed for – smart-casual. There are so many ways to make the smart-casual look work with Lacoste polo shirts that you really cannot go wrong. If you want to add a little quirk, however,... Read More

Choosing Your Cheap Designer Clothes This Season

Take a look at the list below of the top six trends heading your way. Look out for cheap designer clothes this season. 1. Stone This colour proved popular right across the board on the runway this season. This is good news, as stone is perfect for that casual weekend suit and will serve to warm up even the palest of skin tones. 2. Technical Outerwear Hiking gear was very much on trend in the spring-summer collections, even with the top labels. Nearly every brand brought out a lightweight anorak... Read More

Wearing Designer T Shirts in Spring

As we move into February, the promise of spring is just around the corner. It won’t be long before the days get brighter and the chill begins to leave the air. Check out the tips below for wearing designer t shirts during the colder months. Layers are a great way to stay warm and incorporate your favourite wardrobe items into your look. One of the most effective ways a summer t shirt can be worn in winter or spring is to wear it over a long-sleeved top. Select a plain... Read More