43 Years Later and 40,000 Garments Later with CP Company Sale

Founded in 1975 by Italian fashion designer and garment engineer Massimo Osti, C.P. Company is an iconic and internationally acclaimed high-quality fashion label specialising in functional sportswear and innovative design. First established as Chester Perry, the revolutionary designer rebranded the label to C.P. Company in 1978, which immediately became a leading brand thanks to its subtle eccentric edge and free-spirit attitude. Osti was internationally renowned as the “godfather of sportswear” and translated his cutting-edge designs into individualist interpretations of classic functional men’s clothing. Raised in Bologna, Italy, he trained as... Read More

Use the Mens Designer Polo Shirts Sale to Avoid These Style Disasters

Besides the obvious error of wearing socks with sandals, there are mistakes within the men’s fashion world that are easy to make but just as easy to avoid. There may be a lot of rules to follow, but once memorised they make composing a stylish outfit much easier. Graphic and slogan tees are a popular staple among children, teenagers and young men, but they cry out ‘immaturity’. It’s wise to avoid gaudy pieces with superheroes, phrases and images printed all over them to achieve a mature vibe. They serve only... Read More

How cheap designer coats could be the way to wardrobe perfection

Despite the fact that the months are rolling into spring, there are few signs of the weather warming up. The season of the big coat has not yet left, and it is very easy to allow style inspiration to run dry at this time. There’s no need to go searching for something that has never been seen before. Sometimes, a classic look is the way. A bomber jacket is adaptable. A timeless outfit-topper, it can be worn over thick wooly jumpers during the colder months and over a long-sleeved top... Read More

Why all men need great cheap designer shirts and other fashion tips

Use the changing season as your chance to switch it up and become your own style guru. Consider making a change from the graphic t-shirts and revamp the wardrobe with some great shirts. Polos, slim fit, casual fit, short or long-sleeved – despite common assumptions, mens’ shirts scream versatility and come in a huge array of styles. All of them can find a place in your wardrobe. Cheap designer shirts aren’t too difficult to find if you shop around online or in outlet stores – not everything has to cost... Read More

How to clean and store cashmere clothing and cheap designer jumpers

Finding a source of cheap designer jumpers can be very satisfying, giving you plenty of stylish options on a budget. However, cashmere, for example, can be tricky to wash and for that reason it can be tempting to avoid giving it a thorough clean. But before you pack it away for the winter, you’ll want to remove any traces of food, dust and dirt that may attract moths while the garment is in storage. When it comes to cashmere and other cheap designer jumpers made from similar fabrics, hand washing... Read More

Designer Mens Polo Shirts in the UK – How to Wear Yours This Spring

Polo shirts are versatile, timeless and easy-to-wear garments that are perfect for long spring days – and nights. A well-fitting polo – i.e. one that fits snugly around the bicep, doesn’t fall any further than your trouser fly and has a flattering neck line – is a spring staple. Perfect for transcending from day to nightwear, designer mens polo shirts in the UK are one trend that never seem to go out of style. But how should you wear yours this spring? All white might not be the most practical... Read More

A Guide to Understanding Timeless Dress Codes for Men Including Mens Designer Polo Shirts

Understanding appropriate dress codes can be useful, especially when you are attending formal or high brow events. In certain situations, failing to adhere to appropriate dress codes can be embarrassing at best. This guide is designed to decipher the meaning behind a handful of dress codes that you might find specified on invitations for weddings, ceremonies and other formal gatherings this year. If you mix in particularly exclusive circles than you might see a request for ‘white tie or cravate blanche’. This is a step up from ‘black tie’ and... Read More

Successful ways to style men’s designer jumpers

Jumpers aren’t given the credit they deserve. Yes they are a great novelty item at Christmas time, but they can also completely bring an outfit together. From the fit to the style, designer jumpers can act as a great statement piece but it’s knowing when and how to wear them that’s the trick. The basics When looking at the material of your next jumper, stay away from synthetic materials and choose natural fibres such as cotton or even cashmere. Whilst plain textures can be perfect in certain situations, playing with... Read More

Why investing in cheap designer clothes for men is the way to go

When shopping for clothes, do you tend to see how much you can get for your money, or look for quality items that may be more expensive? If you focus exclusively on low-cost items, then you’ll likely find that your clothing doesn’t last quite as long as you’d like it to. This is why putting quality over quantity is becoming more and more important. Scaling it back The idea of having a wardrobe full of clothes that you barely wear is becoming outdated. Spending time trawling through a mountain of... Read More

Cheap Designer Clothes: A Guide to Buying Vintage Designer Menswear

Buying vintage clothing is a great way to find one-off pieces of clothing that no one else has. They can be difficult to find, however, due to the packed rails and limited sizes. Even if you do manage to find that special piece, the likelihood is that the price reflects just how excited you initially were to spot it. But there are ways to pick up stylish designer wear at bargain prices. Where to Begin Knowing the difference between vintage and designer is the first thing to familiarise yourself with.... Read More