Established in 1989, in Manchester, as a t-shirt brand, Bench clothing has since expanded its range to include many different types of garments and apparel. This now global brand has been featured alongside many celebrities and fashion icons and can be found in a selection of different stores across Europe, Canada and Australia where the typical styling of the brand is infused with local culture.

Initially, the Bench clothing brand took inspiration from thriving youth subcultures such as skateboarding and bmxing, which were experiencing a popularity increase in Manchester at the time of the company’s inception. Over the years, as their clothing range has expanded, Bench clothing have remained true to these subcultures and have continued to incorporate these themes throughout their entire product range. In addition to this, they have also paid tribute to the city from which their roots begin a montage of the Manchester skyline is used in many of their designs in combination with their logo.

Being at the heart of the energetic and exciting eighties, Bench clothing has taken much inspiration from many ideas and people around it at the time to ensure that their clothing range is innovative, relaxed and bursting with culture and style. They continually design different styles of clothing to ensure that each and every person will be able to find something which is reflective of their own personal style, while also helping them look unique and individual. Bench clothing has developed widely over the years, but remains to be an urban lifestyle brand which designs, sources and markets cool and distinctive products. For people who want to stay ahead of the trend and stand out in the crowd with the bold designs, Bench clothing offers them the opportunity to do exactly that!

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